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10 Percy Terrace
Sunderland, England, SR2 8SE
United Kingdom


Bee- Enchanted is a circus entertainment company providing stilt walkers, fire breathers, hula hoopers, wedding entertainment, kids entertainment, in Sunderland, Newcastle, Durham, the north east of england 


 Hi Im Penella Bee from Bee- Enchanted. Read the latest in my arts council funded project. I will be Creating a magical glow show with l.e.d and glow performers from Sunderland and Newcastle. 

Light Trail Photography

penella bee

I worked with jackson Nash for a light trail Photography shoot. These images where captured on a slow shutter speed. We will be using the images for marketing. 

led Cubes

penella bee

We have put together 2 led cubes using 12 basic light up hula hoops. I have been experimenting with dancers inside the hoops and spinning them. 


penella bee

Gloving is an american based dance style. The glovers create light shows using fast paced finger and hand movements wearing specialist LED gloves. 

Ive worked with the LED gloves in my last piece of choreo Zodiac Light the Gloves were bought in the Uk and were of poor quality. Ive connected with some Glovers in Amsterdam on social (currently have not found any UK glovers) who have pointed me to The Emazing lights website. The Glovers in Amsterdam said they would like to follow of progress of Glow. 

Hyperion Hoop Arrived.

penella bee

After some extensive research I decided to buy the hyperion smart hoop from the USA. Whats great about the hoop is its fully programmable and has tons of amazing patterns. 



projection mapping research! June 2017

penella bee

We Hired a 10 k lumen projector from Big Purple Productions. We wanted to research larger scale projection mapping and were able to use the this local venue - The SaltGrass Sunderland. What we discovered 

  • Our generator was not powerful enough to operate the 10k lumen projector. 
  • We needed one long extension of 50 m rather than extensions to extensions 
  • Having our own powerful projector would enable use to research and develop larger outside performances 
  • Weatherproof set up us necessary 
  • 2 technicians are required.