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10 Percy Terrace
Sunderland, England, SR2 8SE
United Kingdom


Bee- Enchanted is a circus entertainment company providing stilt walkers, fire breathers, hula hoopers, wedding entertainment, kids entertainment, in Sunderland, Newcastle, Durham, the north east of england 


 Hi Im Penella Bee from Bee- Enchanted. Read the latest in my arts council funded project. I will be Creating a magical glow show with l.e.d and glow performers from Sunderland and Newcastle. 


penella bee

Welcome to my GLOW Blog this was a year long project. I will start with the feedback from the end of the project and jump back to the day I received the confirmation email. Please click on the arrows at the bottom of the page to see the full journey. 


Steve Cousins from Lets Circus thought that we could benefit from a floor projection and a 2nd set of visual poi. 


"Fabulous" - Daniel Errington Barnes - Intu manager. 

Feedback from artists - more powerful projector required for ambient light. 


" We were really impressed , the crowd really enjoyed it, next time we would need a run through with sound as there were some technical issues. " - Jessica Reggnart -Sunderland Live 

Neon And That 

" Really impressed" - Mick Stephenson Light Artist

" it was like you were explorers from out of space. other worldly" Tracey West choreographer. 

East Durham Creates were interested in booking GLOW for future work. 


"It was Amazing "  Pippa Irwin - Audience Member

" You could see all the work that went into it" - Barry Hyde The Futureheads. 

Generally the public were really impressed with the show. There is reviews on our face book page .. We have 12 five star reviews so far. 

Workshops/ Family raves  

" It was the best thing ever- ' Northern Butterflies pupil. 

"This is Amazing!' Hanabiel Sanders - Harambee Pasida Organiser