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10 Percy Terrace
Sunderland, England, SR2 8SE
United Kingdom


Bee- Enchanted is a circus entertainment company providing stilt walkers, fire breathers, hula hoopers, wedding entertainment, kids entertainment, in Sunderland, Newcastle, Durham, the north east of england 


 Hi Im Penella Bee from Bee- Enchanted. Read the latest in my arts council funded project. I will be Creating a magical glow show with l.e.d and glow performers from Sunderland and Newcastle. 

I Got It!!!!!

penella bee

Glow in Sunderland! 

14th June 2016

Welcome! So I found out that I got my Arts council  award for the creation of Glow! WOW! so amazingly shocked and excited =) Yeah me! Massive thanks to Helen Green Arts Centre Washington in Sunderland, Lets Circus - Newcastle and Patricia Stead Dance City. Oh and very importantly James Whitman and his epic writing skills! This is a great thing - Glow in Sunderland! 

Celebrating with my husband, amazing artist Frank Styles.

Celebrating with my husband, amazing artist Frank Styles.

The Award Letter 

The Award Letter 

Mammy did it! 

Mammy did it! 

So What is Glow?!

penella bee

Glow is a journey  with the final destination  being a work in progress performance. 

The journey goes through the following stages;

Stage 1- Pro Development

Professional Development - Hip Hop dance

Professional Development Aerial hoop 

Stage 2 -Research and Development

- Meet with film and technical support.- Buy Lap top/ projectors.

Research Projection mapping outlining animation ideas for the cubes  developing -zodiac light

 Develop first stages of choreography. 

- Research and Purchase  Glow  equipment. 

-Online research collect and save to a  Glow Pinterest. Projection mapping and dance, street art and projection, glowspiration, uv make up, glovers forums, circus and hip hop, neon costumes, uv costumes. 

Stage 3 - Marketing

Work with Photographer and makeup artist -Create a Glow image for social media advertising 

Frank Styles to create a piece of UV street art.

Update website and social media /Meet with marketing advisors for a social media plan. 

Work with Costume Designer

Stage 4 - Studio based R and D &  Work with Artists

-More R and D studio Time- solo. / second photo shoot

-Work with animator and  projection mapping company. 

-Work with dancers and music producer.

Stage 4  Film Chris Williams - Sunderland uni 

Story board ideas/ Location visits /Shoot

launch on social media. 

Stage 5  Business Development and  Sharing  of work

Work with SES business development team to form a Community Interest Company  

Finish choreo and rehearse 

Share work

Meeting with Chris Williams head of media Sunderland University re all things technical =)

Meeting with Chris Williams head of media Sunderland University re all things technical =)

We bought the mac book  pro! Its so fast! can't wait to start my research! 

We bought the mac book  pro! Its so fast! can't wait to start my research! 



Professional Development Hip Hop

penella bee

1st July 2016 - Dance City

So Ive been working with Jason Lund from the Ruff Diamond Cru on hip hop pro development, with a special focus on  body popping techniques.

Some of the techniques we will be working; Robotics, Toy Man, Boogaloo, Fresno, Tutting, Waving, twist of flex, master flex, romeo twist, egyotian twist, strobing, animation , Breaking- floor work, freezes, top rocking. 


Today we worked on boogaloo above Jason demonstrates chest isolations important to get this correctly so the boogaloo works. 



3rd August 2016  Today we were at studio Dance Jam in Sunderland. Ive put together a small movement phrase with some of my ideas and Jasons expertise, video below includes top rocking techniques. 

UV Make UP Photo Shoot

penella bee

So as part of my R and D I'm going to explore the world of GLOW in the Dark make up.. Ive worked with a body painter,  a street artist and a photographer before and we developed some stunning images right here in Sunderland. 

This time I get to work with an all female team make up artist Dominque  laws and photographer Sharon Mclnerney

Things to do 

Buy a high watt UV Cannon 

Trail make up designs 

Decide types of looks 

Piece of uv art work for back drop 

Buy uv accesories 

Problems with the Cubes!

penella bee

So one of the first things I wanted to work on was the relationship  between the dancer/s and the lighting  on the cubed podiums I had created for Zodiac Light. The problem was they are extremely heavy and big! too big to fit through a standard door and too heavy to carry! umm!  IN  ACE bid Id been kindly offered space at Dance City and Arts Centre Washington i.e. they were meant to move..  so whats a girl going to do?! 

Well theres a couple of options..

Redesign the cubes 

Get a permanent space to work on Glow 

Not use the cubes!!!! 

I have  had a quote from a prop designer which was pretty pricey. Ive asked my husband and his acrobatic best mate Ovi the ninja( yes this is his name!) and their going to help redesign them keeping costs down. I will also approach a couple of my contacts at Sunderland council to ask for an unused building that I can use - this is a dream.. we can all dream! =) 



penella bee

Gloving is an american based dance style. The glovers create light shows using fast paced finger and hand movements wearing specialist LED gloves. 

Ive worked with the LED gloves in my last piece of choreo Zodiac Light the Gloves were bought in the Uk and were of poor quality. Ive connected with some Glovers in Amsterdam on social (currently have not found any UK glovers) who have pointed me to The Emazing lights website. The Glovers in Amsterdam said they would like to follow of progress of Glow.